Helm US Tax


US Tax Preparation and Cross-Border Tax Solutions for Select Private and Institutional Clients

Helm US Tax is uniquely qualified to assist those living all around the world and facing US tax issues.

We provide US tax preparation services and advice as well as robust solutions on multi-jurisdictional tax, wealth, and succession 

planning in relation to traditional bankable assets and real estate but also alternative asset classes, such as digital assets (crypto and NFT’s) art, wine, yachts, and classic cars.

What binds our advisors together is their diverse skillsets which converge to enable our clients to take the most appropriate strategic decisions as they navigate key global challenges. Helm US Tax and Helm Advisors’ human capital is multi-jurisdictional, mirroring our client base. Our client services harness the breadth of skills, experience and education of

our US, U.K., New Zealand, and South Africa-connected advisors, who include attorneys, solicitors, barristers, accountants, tax advisors, anti-money laundering, and trust administration professionals.

Our sole objective is to ensure that the depth and breadth of our advisors’ experience and education is brought to bear for the exclusive benefit of our select group of clients.

Our select group of clients include family offices, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, collectors, artists, trustees, and banks.

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