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Jean-Marie Mettraux

International Tax Coordinator

Jean-Marie coordinates tax returns and compliance issues for our private and fiduciary clients. That means managing all aspects of tax documentation and navigating clients through the complex web of compliance required by local partners.

Jean-Marie can actively manage and coordinate U.S. and multi-jurisdictional tax preparation, either with our own team of associated professionals or with a client’s current partners.

Jean-Marie has been based in Zurich since 2006, forming his own US and international tax compliance consulting firm before helping to establish Helm Advisors. Originally from the French part of Switzerland, he also served as director of a Zurich-based US tax accounting firm and has expertise in trust and cross-border tax services. Jean-Marie, who holds a master’s in Political Science, previously worked for the Claims Resolution Tribunal in the restitution of Holocaust-era assets.

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Dreikoenigstrasse 34 , 8002 Zurich Switzerland

Marcus Burns

Global Wealth Coordinator